Guatemala 2020

In April 2020, I will be headed to Guatemala to work with a good friend Phil Reasons, CEO of, to teach sustainable symbiotic farming practices and build an integrated Aquaculture/Aquaponics food production facility addressing the current problem where children and adults alike glean their daily food from a landfill.   For more information, go to:  Click ‘Available Trips’  button.


Our mission will be to build an integrated aquaponic

food production system to provide fresh wholesome
and vegetables, design and layout of nutritious trees, bushes and annuals, and teach them the skills to grow food for themselves.


How you can help

There are many ways you can help.  (be a bon-a-fide Santa’s Helper)

  • PRAY.  

Yep, I believe that is something we all could use. Pray that weather will be favorable, health and strength to do what needs to be done, funds to be provided, and a good ground team, and safe, sick free travels for all.

  • SHARE.  

Please feel free to share this need on your social media. Help raise awareness to the cause and need being addressed.

  • FUNDS.  

Contributions, no amount is too small. A tax deductible receipt will be provided upon request. Donate via the website but don’t forget to designate it for SANTA MAX and his team. Our relationship is excellent and we will receive 100% of funds designated.

  • JOIN US Please!!!  

Boots on the ground is a good thing! If you have never gone on a trip like this, this is a short-term mission that is inexpensive (only $1,400 will cover airfare, accommodations, food and spending money) and relatively close to home. Be warned, once you have gone, and felt the warm appreciation and friendship, you will want to do more. I have families from the Pineville/Charlotte area currently planning to join me, and more are welcome. This mission trip is divided into two 7 day sections, one may join for the first week only, or just the second week,  or if you have time, do both. (St. Nick will be there for both weeks.)

 For more information or questions, please feel free to message or text me.

 Thank you, and if I don’t see you before, hopefully Santa will see ya again in December!

Ho ho ho!

Santa Max


NEXT Mission:

Kazembe, Zambia, Africa

June – July 2020

There is an orphanage that I plan on assisting in getting an integrated aquaponic system built for their new facility and becoming more self-sufficient and having greater food diversity. I have two other potential places also in Zambia wanting the same. Tom Morrow, the director here is doing a great work with these orphans and it is a project I am looking forward to being a part of.