Santa MaxFirst, Mongolia to consult with local ministries, then to Ukraine/Poland to help with refugees…

  • June 12 – June 25: Mongolia
  • June 26 – July 9: Poland/Ukraine

June 12th I will be leaving for Mongolia where a small young church group (interestingly made up of 80% millennials) have acquired two acres of land just outside the city capitol Ulaanbaatar. Their desire and vision are to grow food to distribute to those in need as part of their outreach. Many vegetables like lettuce are unavailable or scarce, and can sell for as much as five to six USD. Growing and selling such can multiply funds to purchase other less costly and more regional common foods, thereby greatly increase the number of families they could assist. 

I will train and advise them on design and assist in building a greenhouse in which to grow vegetables year-round. This means even in the extreme -40F ambient temperatures during the long winter months. Building a greenhouse to stay warm enough in such climate, to grow fresh vegetables and possibly fish, and to do so using a combination of solar power, geo-thermal, rocket mass heaters, and other off grid designs makes this a very interesting challenge.  After completing the construction and operations for a year, we will then consider the pros and cons of setting up an off-grid aquaponics system. This will be done in phases, and I hope some of Santa Max’s extended family and friends will be able to join in this mission in the  summer of 2023. If this sounds interesting, please let us know so we can put together teams and plan for dates between the beginning of May to late June.

After spending 10 days in Mongolia, Santa will continue to Poland and Ukraine, where I now have many contacts working with refugees from the Ukraine. I am currently busy collecting many needed items, mostly medical supplies which have recently due to demand, become scarcer. Anyone can help, with donations in air travel miles, medical supplies, clothing, (both civilian and used military camouflage and boots) protective gear such as helmets and armored vest. Medical supplies such as blood clot powder and gauze, tourniquets, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, first aid kits etc. MRE’s and survival foods are also in demand. Another need is a team effort where you can be a participant, and blessing to many. You are encouraged to follow along by visiting the website and keeping up with the posts and videos.

Harold Maxwell, “Santa Max”

How you can help:

There are many ways you can help.  (be a bon-a-fide Santa’s Helper)

  • PRAY.  Yep, I believe that is something we all could use. Pray that weather will be favorable, health and strength to do what needs to be done, funds to be provided, and a good ground team, and safe, sick free travels for all.

  • SHARE.  Please feel free to share this need on your social media. Help raise awareness to the cause and need being addressed.

  • FUNDS.  Contributions, no amount is too small. A tax deductible receipt will be provided upon request. Donate via PayPal at 100% of all funds go to the current mission.

  • JOIN US Please!!!  Boots on the ground is a good thing! If you have never gone on a trip like this, this is a short-term mission . Be warned, once you have gone, and felt the warm appreciation and friendship, you will want to do more. 

 For more information or questions, please feel free to message or text me.

 Thank you, and if I don’t see you before, hopefully Santa will see ya again in December!

Ho ho ho!

Santa Max


Guatemala 2020: This mission trip was canceled because of COVID restrictions.

Kazembe, Zambia, Africa:  This trip was also postponed until 2022 and 2023.