How Can I Help?

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Spread the Word….

You can help by letting others know about our site and vision. Help get the word out. Mention it on your FB, Twitter, Instantgram …. Whatever format you like and use. It takes little time or cost to give us an advert!

  • Let us know about bee swarms. We are also always looking for bee swarms and we do bee removal in the area.
  • Visit us at the Community Farmer’s Market and purchase some of our tasty foods.


If you are in the area you may be able to volunteer, and as a non-profit we accept some assigned to “community work”.  This is a working farm so there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Some chores require knowledge and skill while others don’t. Just let us know and we will try and match you up with what you like and have experience. Some of the things to be done are: harvesting plants or fish, planting seed, pruning grape vines or picking grapes, cutting grass and weed-eating, painting, setting out seedlings in the hydroponic beds, harvesting honey from hives, building or painting hives, extracting honey, cleaning equipment, landscaping, splitting wood or making bio-char. As one can see there is always something to do!


One can also make monetary and in-kind contributions such as:Volunteers copy

  • grandpa’s old bee hives, suits or equipment,
  • vehicles such as riding lawn mowers, pick ups, four wheelers,
  • good furniture,
  • canning jars, etc

You can receive a tax deductible receipt. Help cover the cost of operations, training our hero veterans or support a mission cause. Operations like this cost time, labor, and money. Equipment and structures needs repair from time to time. We have come to expect the unexpected, because Murphy’s law shows up Max n Krist copyonce in a while. That’s life.

 Support A Veteran!

While we charge for training, we want to offer it to our Vets at no cost to them! You can help to make that happen for them!

Follow the link below to donate to a veteran attend the Aquaponics Training class.