Project Noah, Inc. Today

Max at Idea U copyThe mission for PNI “conservation education” has not changed or diminished! Today PNI owns a for-profit farm, Caledonia Farms that is used as a training facility for those wishing to learn about permaculture and nature friendly methods of farming. Our training program involves organic, synergetic and sustainable farming. We have 26 acres that incudes a vineyard, a heated high tunnel with an aquaponic system where we raise fish and vegetables, and a heated greenhouse where we grow a more traditional “in ground” style of farming without using harsh chemicals and various “cides”. We can now offer training and benefit awareness in bee keeping, aquaponics, viticulture, bio-char, vermiculture and black solider fly production.

Caledonia Farms’ produce is sold at local farmers markets, restaurants, and specialty markets such as Asian or Mid Eastern grocery stores.

Our target students will consist of those who are veterans, mission or humanitarian minded people, home gardeners and to the general public. Class space is limited and preference will be given to the veteran and mission purposed individuals.

We have a modern furnished home to provide a few students a place on site during their three week training session. By having one high tunnel with “in soil” planting and a second high tunnel that houses an aquaponic system, one has an excellent opportunity at Project Noah, Inc. to compare the pros and cons of each.

PNI USA Goals:

  • Expand training opportunities for veterans and mission minded people.
  • Offer classes at K-12 public schools or field trips for school classes to visit the facility.

Caledonia Farms‘ USA goals:

  • Construct another high tunnel that will house smaller off-grid aquaponic systems, heated with cob constructed rocket mass heaters and passive solar and cooled with Geo thermal air circulation.
  • Expand operations to include a large fully functional commercial system of aquaculture.
  • Acquire a commercial size energy efficient Bio-Char furnace and develop market for retailing product in mass.
  • Build large poly-culture pond to farm and teach net cage aquaculture of fish, prawns and Australian blue claw crawfish.
  • Build a food processing center and workshop.
  • Explore and expand honey, microgreens, and mushroom markets

PNI International goals:

  • To build an agricultural training facility in Hong Kong for outreach purposes to remote regions of Asia.
  • To build aquaponics and water purification systems, and train at orphanages and schools in distressed regions of Asia, Africa, and South American countries.